Finding Happiness in Chocolates


Finding Happiness in Chocolates

Chocolates are synonymous with happiness, whether it’s a simple bar of chocolate or a fancy chocolate bouquet it doesn’t fail to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Studies have shown that eating chocolates can improve your mood and make you happy. Yes, we all know that, but why? Have you ever considered the science behind why eating chocolates helps to improve your mood?

There are specific compounds in chocolate that can affect the human brain thus affecting your mood. First is Tryptophan, this amino acid is present in small quantities in chocolates and is used by our brain to make Serotonin. And Serotonin as we all know is what makes us feel happy.:) Another compound is Phenylethylamine; known as the “love drug”(I prefer this term), combined with Dopamine, these act as an anti-depressant. This compound found in chocolates gives you the feeling of attraction, excitement and nervousness; gives you the initial feelings of falling in love thus the term “love drug”. Anandamide is a fatty acid neurotransmitter that means “joy “or “bliss” and is derived from the Sanskrit word Ananda. This fatty acid activates receptors which cause dopamine production. Dopamine causes the feeling of intense well-being (YES we all need this in our lives!). Finally eating chocolate releases endorphins into the brain, which gives our body a natural high (Leave me alone - I’m floating away on a Cadbury Bar).

So the next time you are craving a piece (or 2) of chocolate after a tough day, remind yourself of all the good things that will happen when you eat it.

And if you think that someone else in your life might just need a pick-me- up too, then give Tasty Gifts a call and we can certainly help out… all in the name of Science of course.

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