Christmas is Just Around the Corner!

Have you already started buying Christmas presents? Or perhaps have started a wish list? Look around and feel the Christmas spirit dawning on every restaurant, every school, and even on your local community center. Here at Tasty Gifts, Christmas is always in our fingertips with our Christmas-themed edible gifts available all year round.

tasty christmas gifts

It’s now September and Christmas is just around the corner! People are already thinking of what gifts to give and what they’d love to receive. Couples are already booking for restaurant reservations and families on vacation trips. Moms are also now sourcing for hard-to-get ingredients and stocking up on various herbs & spices to recreate the perfect family recipe for Christmas get-togethers.

And if you are one of the many who’ve already started playing Christmas tunes and are decorating your home with various ornaments, then you should also have started on planning what to put under your Christmas tree and what to give out to your loved ones. From expensive perfumes to heartfelt personal letters, every Christmas present will surely be appreciated by the recipient. But to make things extra spicy (or extra sweet), indulge in some edible gifts like Chocolate Bouquets or Chocolate Gift Baskets.

With Tasty Gifts, you can’t go wrong with Christmas-themed edible gifts! 

18 Ferrero Rocher chocolates and 21 red and gold foil wrapped milk chocolate stars surrounded by green cello in a wreath shape.

 Christmas Wreath


Rudolph Basket

3 Crown Lagers accompanied by 20 red and gold foil wrapped milk chocolate stars, all surrounded by red cello in a large black box.

Slántie Basket

15 Ferrero Rocher chocolates, wrapped in clear and "leafed" in green, and 14 red foil wrapped milk chocolate stars surrounded by green cello in a small red box.

 Christmas Tree

You can send your love to your friends and family by giving them the sweetest Christmas present—chocolates! Tasty Gifts has a range to suit all tastes and budgets! From single chocolate bouquets or those adorned with stuffed toys such as that of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, to extravagant chocolate gift baskets with your choice of alcohol; Tasty Gifts has everything for all ages. Aside from that, we also have our favourite Christmas Wreath and our Ferrero Rocher Xmas Tree which everyone would love to receive on any occasion. And if you want to personalise your present, we also offer custom gift basket and delicious hampers.

Order Chocolates online and experience the convenience of having Chocolate Gifts Baskets, Chocolate Bouquets, Box of Chocolates and more, delivered at your door. You can also visit our FAQ page to learn more about our Chocolate Delivery Perth service.

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