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A big shout out to all the fathers, the 2nd of September is your special day; it’s Father’s Day! We all love our “daddy,” pops, “or “baba” no matter what we call them they will always be our superhero without a cape. Treat them extra special not only on this special day but also every day. Tasty Gifts is here to help you show some love to your dads, with our signature chocolate bouquets which are perfect for Father’s Day. Imagine his delight when you have included his favorite drink or chocolates!

Though Father’s Day is not a public holiday in Australia, there is no reason not to celebrate this special occasion. As this day usually falls during the second Sunday of September which is a rest day for any working individual, families gather to appreciate and give thanks to their Fathers and all the Father-figures in their family.

There are accounts that the celebration of Father’s Day originated in pagan sun worship; pagans see the sun as their father; that’s where the idea came from. It is in the United States where Father’s Day was first celebrated, it was Sonora Smart Dodd who got inspired by the Mother’s Day celebration. And therefore, to honour Fathers, Father’s Day was created! They celebrated the first Father’s Day in Spokane, Washington on June 19, 1910. And slowly the idea had spread to other countries like Australia; however, we celebrate our celebration during September.

On this special day how about treating them and spoiling them a little bit more, as they so they deserve it! Treat them out for lunch or dinner; have a picnic outside or go fishing with him. For the more adventurous dads why not try indoor or outdoor skydiving, or a book day at the racetrack. The idea is to spend the day with him and make him feel special and create memories along the way. I know every day is an opportunity to say thank you to your dad, but this day is especially for him so make it count!

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