What’s in your “Tasty Gifts”

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Whether its white or dark, with fruits or nuts, chocolate has been an all-time favourite by many. It has changed its form from a simple chocolate bar and nowadays you can see it as a chocolate bouquet, still tempting and very much irresistible to munch. According to a study, Australians eat an average of 5-6 kilograms of chocolate per person every year, so you can imagine how many kilograms of chocolate the whole population consume. With this fact on hand have you pictured or asked yourself what’s inside your chocolate.

Chocolate came from the plant called Theobroma cacao, most commonly known as the cacao tree. Beans from this tree is where we get our first ingredient to make our chocolate.

Cacao Tree

-Chocolate Liquor: chocolate liquor comes from cocoa beans that have their shells removed and fermented. After this process, it will be roasted and grounded until they liquefy. This precious liquid is made up of cocoa butter and cocoa solids: both are naturally present in the bean.

-Cocoa butter: cocoa butter plays an essential role in making our chocolate. Cocoa butter is a natural fat from the cocoa bean; this ingredient gives flavour to the chocolate and that feeling in your mouth when you eat it.

-Sugar: of course, what is chocolate when it's not sweet. Not only sugar enhances the taste of chocolate, balancing out the bitter taste of it but it also serves as a preservative. Sugar elevates the taste of chocolate making it more appealing to our taste.

-Lecithin: This is an agent used to bind or blend the chocolate ingredients. This comes from soy or egg, but lecithin from soy is more widely used. Lecithin also increases viscosity and acts a preservative as well. It binds the taste and flavor of the chocolate together.

-Flavouring: it can be vanilla or other flavours of your choice. With the demand of chocolate products, you can mostly have chocolate in any flavor you want. It can be as simple and raw as a dark chocolate or it can be a creamy complexed milk chocolate.

Chocolate can also contain milk or other ingredients such as fruits or nuts and other things that you can think. Your imagination is the only limit. So next time that you will give your special someone like a chocolate bouquet or even a chocolate bar you know for yourself what’s inside those “Tasty Gifts”.

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