Nutritional Information

Our standard range of chocolates consists of the following:

Fererro Rocher, Various Cadbury and Nestle Chocolates, Chocolate GemsBaci, and Lindt


The nutritional breakdown of our commonly used chocolates are:

Ferrero Rocher
1 serve = 12.5 g
1 serve = 15g
Chocolate Gems
1 serve = 7g
Lindt Balls1 serve = 12.5g
Energy 308 Kj 343kj 102cal 77cal
Protein 1g 1g 1.3g 0.6g
Fat - total 5.3g 5.6g 5.2g 5.9g
Fat - saturated 1.8g 1.6g 3.3g 4.4g
Carbohydrate-Total 5.6g 6.7g 12.2g 5.5g
Sugars 5g 5.9g 11.9g 5.4g
Sodium 8mg 1mg 21.9m 15.3mg

Warning: Most of our chocolates are produced in factories that may contain traces of nuts.

We use many different products in our hamper range. If you would like more information on these products please contact us.