The Perfect Gift

 The Perfect Gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? If you prefer something edible, see which ones best fit the taste and personality of your loved one!

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Giving gifts is a universal way to show appreciation. From flower bouquets to hand-written cards, gift baskets and boxes of chocolates, all gifts are special in their own way. Whether as a present for a special occasion, or just something you want to give to your loved one, gifts are a sign of being thankful and appreciative of the person.

At Tasty Gifts, it’s all about gift-giving!

Nothing warms the heart than seeing your loved one like the gift that you have given. When talking about edible gifts, for in some cases—let’s admit!—we don’t know what to give and therefore we just go with something that they might like a little less than what they would love. So to help all who’d like to give edible gifts to their loved ones, Tasty Gifts prepared a little explanation of what gifts to give to different people during various occasions.

 Box of Chocolates

Children would love to receive Boxes of Chocolates with stuffed toys and other treats on them especially if these were filled with their favourite brand or type of chocolates. Whether it would come from their Mom, Dad or Aunts and Uncles, kids would love to receive various boxes of chocolates from anyone and even if there is so no special occasion. And to make them extra special, include a letter from the heart and then add some vibrant decorations to make the piece come alive.

Chocolate Bouquets

A Chocolate Bouquet is best given to Moms and Wives especially per the tradition of giving Flower Bouquets to women in our lives. But aside from them, teenage girls would also love to receive Chocolate Bouquets from their family or from their admirers not only because they are beautiful but they are also delicious. Chocolate Flower Bouquets can also be substitute for flower bouquets in events like birthdays, graduation, showers and the likes.

Chocolate Hampers

Nothing is more surprising than receiving a Chocolate Hamper filled with your favourite brands and types of chocolates. They are best given to classmates or co-workers especially during special occasions such as office parties and the likes. They are also good souvenirs for business conferences, school balls and other large gatherings where you’d want to bring home something as a keepsake. Lastly, Chocolate Hampers are also suitable as prices or incentives during contests, raffles and other fun games.

Gift Basket

Gift Baskets are not only good a ‘Get Well’ gifts but they are also best given to someone who you know would appreciate various edible treats such as Jams, Cookies, Chocolates, and more! And to make things more special, add a bottle of Wine or several delicious beverages so that your recipient can enjoy their little snack. Gift Baskets are also good for personalised birthday gifts and personalised anniversary gifts because you can fill your basket with anything and everything that your loved one likes.

Business Gifts

Giving Customised Hampers filled with edible gifts such as Chocolates, Jams, Peanuts and more, are best given as business gifts for these treats are always cause for celebration especially when you secure a client or close a deal. And why not add in a bottle of wine or several bottles to make the gift extra special. At Tasty Gifts, you can customise your own edible gift basket by getting in touch with us and requesting what treats to include in your edible arrangements. You can choose from our selection of chocolates and available bottles of wine, or you can pre-order what you’d like to give as a present.

 Seasonal Gifts

Christmas Chocolates wrapped or formed like a Christmas Tree, or a Christmas Wreath are perfect Seasonal Gifts to brighten the occasion. At Tasty Gifts, we specialised in Ferrero Rocher Xmas Tree decked with paper flowers and topped with a star. Seasonal Gifts can also include a Father’s Day Gift Basket or a Mother’s Day Gift Basket as well as Gift Baskets filled with chocolates and stuffed toys for Easter, Valentine’s Day or any other occasion such as Weddings, Anniversaries and the likes.

As a gift basket shop, Tasty Gifts specialise in arranging chocolate bouquet and other edible bouquets. We use the finest and most tasty chocolates available in the market to make sure that our chocolate gift baskets are perfect for the one who’ll receive them.

We use Ferrero Rocher, Baci, Chocolate Gems, and Lindt Balls to create our Chocolate Bouquets, Gift Baskets, Box of Chocolates and more! Still with their original individual packaging, we arrange them along with other treats such as stuffed toys, jams, wine bottles and the likes to make chocolate flower bouquets and edible gifts presented in an appealing way.

Order Chocolates online and experience the convenience of having Chocolate Gifts Baskets, Chocolate Bouquets, Box of Chocolates and more, delivered at your door. You can also visit our FAQ page to learn more about our Chocolate Delivery Perth service.

Make Your Own Gift Basket

If you want to make your gift more personalised and from the heart, choose from our various chocolate selections or contact us in advance so that we can get your special bottle of Wine

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