Why Chocolate?

Unlike flowers that fade and wither rather quickly, the bouquets and individually wrapped chocolate 'flowers' from Tasty Gifts have a more enduring quality. And when arranged together to make chocolate gift baskets, these can be enjoyed whenever you or your family feel inspired to unwrap the next bloom.

Chocolates have always been popular for their special qualities and delicious taste. In fact, the early church in Mexico regarded it as too ‘sinfully delicious’ and tried to ban it. But, as the majority of church elders were sure that chocolates had medicinal qualities, it was brought over to Italy where its popularity grew and its place in diet and history was assured.

Since then, chocolates have been bringing joy to people all over the world regardless of age. Whether it's Milk Chocolate, Sweet Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate, these treats have their respective following which people devour whether as desserts, individual snacks, or as a garnish to dishes.


Chocolates evokes positive emotions, good feelings and happiness. When it comes to tasty gifts or special gifts, nothing  beats the pleasure and delight we get when eating chocolates. Chocolates are also fun for they make for outstanding and highly prized gifts. Due to this, Chocolate is the heart of our business. 

For in addition to the initial amazement when a Tasty Gifts chocolate bouquet or when chocolate gift baskets are delivered, the many pieces of chocolates bring long term value and enjoyment to those who receive it.

They make an ideal individual snack when you're on your own. But if friends, children and other family members are present, the chocolates are likely to disappear in the twinkling of an eye coupled with squeals of delight!

That's why we say "Share the Love. Pass the Happiness Around!"